Private Threads Downloader

Tool to download Photos, Videos, Profile from private Threads

What is Private Threads Downloader?

What are private Threads? Private Threads are accounts set to private mode. In this mode, only users who follow and are approved by this account can see the posts posted by this account. So how to view and download private Threads?

Private Threads Downloader is an online tool developed by LoveThreads, which allows you to view and download Videos, Photos, Profile Picture, Audio from private Threads invest easily. Save and download Threads private on your web browser, no software or app installation required.

How to download Videos, Photos from private Threads

LoveThreads private Threads download tool can help you download any post from private Threads account like: Videos, Photos, Profile, Audio, ...etc. Please follow the detailed instructions below:

  • Open the browser on your device. Visit the Threads.Net website and log in to your account.
  • On Threads, open the private post you want to download and copy the link.
  • Next, open a new browser tab and visit the Private Threads download tool ( Paste the copied link into input field number 1 (#1).
  • In input field number 2 (#2), you will see a new link appear (this is the data extraction link). Press the "Copy" button to save this link to your device's clipboard.
  • Continue to open a new tab on the browser, paste and access the link you just copied in input field number 2 to extract the post's data.
  • Highlight and copy all the data of the private post (Note: You must copy all the data or you will get an error).
  • Back go to LoveThreads.Net (Private Threads Downloader), paste all the copied data into input field number 3 (#3) and press the "Send data" button.
  • Based on the data you provide, we will extract videos, photos, audio in private Threads posts and display links for you to download.

Is it possible to download other people's private Threads?

To download Profile, Videos, Photos, Posts from someone else's private Threads account, your account must be follow to and approved by that account owner. This allows you to view and extract data from Threads account you follow.

For private, country-restricted, age-restricted posts, they cannot be downloaded using regular tools. So, private Threads download tool is the only solution to help you save and download these posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download private Threads videos?

Copy private Threads video link. Go to the website, paste the Threads video link into the search box and press the "Download" button to save the Threads video to your device.

Does the Private Threads download tool install software?

No. We want everything to be as simple and easy as possible for users. You just need to visit the LoveThreads.Net website, open the private Threads download tool and continue using it in your browser without installing software.

Can videos and photos from private Threads be saved to iPhone or Android?

You can use the Threads download tool on iPhone or Android. However, you should use the private Threads download tool on PC to make it easier and faster.